Exclusive Bundles for Blade Reborn are NOW LIVE!

Blade Reborn has arrived and bundles on WeGamers Now Live!

May 29 ,2018

NEWS May 29, 2018

Exclusive Bundles for Blade Reborn are NOW LIVE!

Recently, we have just released their latest ARPG mobile game, Blade Reborn. In this game, you will be able to become the fearless hunters and face the unspeakable darkness inside the underworld.


To celebrate the launch of Blade Reborn, we are planning to give out our exclusive gift bundles to all users. WeGamers is also giving every new user 2000 points to redeem this exclusive bundle! (The points will be sent out within 24hr after signing up.) On WeGamers, you can claim bundles, study guides, join players group and read the latest news of Blade Reborn.



Read the introduction below and follow the steps, then you shall receive your own reward!


1. Number of the bundles: 1,500


2. Bundle Introduction: 
Gold*200, 000
Refinement Stone*10, 
Temper Stone*10


3. How to claim the Bundle on WeGamers:
a. Open WeGamers and log in (If you don’t have the app, please download WeGamers from here)
b. Go to Discover->Bundle tab and redeem Blade Reborn’s exclusive bundle on WeGamers
(Note: Each user can only redeem one Blade Reborn’s bundle)
c. Please copy the Activation Code after you redeem the bundle successfully.  
(Note: To stay tuned for new bundles in the future, you can follow Blade Reborn on WeGamers by adding it to My Games section.)