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May 29 ,2018

NEWS May 24, 2018

Blade Reborn's Global Launch Has Arrived!

Calling All Warriors


The illusion of peace has deceived us for far too long. As we speak, the Demon race is plotting a large-scale invasion of our realm to pilfer our blessed iron ore. Darkness is rising, it’s inevitable - we must band together and prepare for it. But don’t despair, my warriors, you mustn’t forget how we prevailed over this same threat several centuries ago. Grab your weapons, dive into the underworld and fight for the greater good!



The global release version of Blade Reborn transports players to Diabolical underworld where lies both opportunities and Dangerous evil beings. Players need to get into the deep dungeon, reveal the secret that left by the old god and eventually seal the portal of the demon world. The game features a number of fun and unique game mechanics, including: 


  • Immersive graphic with PC-level visual effect 
  • Smart Hitting feedback and reactions
  • Fast-paced weapon switching combat system
  • Endless adventure across a panoramic 3D map 
  • Classic dungeon crawling loot-based gameplay
  • Various PVP modes and bosses challenge


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Endless adventure awaits in the world of Blade Reborn --we'll see you on the battlefield!